MÜHLHÄUSER Service Vehicles (MSVs)

Service Vehicles

Over the past few years, MÜHLHÄUSER has also entered the field of trackless logistics.

MSVs™ – MÜHLHÄUSER Service Vehicles – are diesel, electric or hybrid-powered transport vehicles running on pneumatic tires. The number of driven wheels can be varied, according to customer requirements. MSVs™ have driver’s cabins at both ends (except the MSV 37) enabling to travel in both directions.

The loading platforms have the form of low-bed units.

Side sectional-steel frames with MÜHLHÄUSER-system container-fixing points assure secure positioning of diverse equipment, including segment-frames, concrete remix drums, grout boxes, platforms, heavy-duty platforms for booms and basket, cable drums, cranes, passenger cabins, and other custom-made setups according to customer requirements.

Four MSV™ types are currently available and can be used for passenger and material transport with loading capacities ranging from 1.6t to 125t.