Semmering Base Tunnel

Location:Semmering, Austria
Project Type:
Railway Tunnel
Customer:ARGE Tunnel Fröschnitzgraben
Products:4x conveyer belt BB1000 and BB1200

1x bunker system

3x california switch with hydraulic lifting system

10x flat car 6,2/6,9m, 30t
5x loco
12x flat car 7,6/8,1m, 35t
5x passenger cabin 16 men
1x segment car
1x crane car
4x silo 3m³

1x silo 20m³
1x conveyer belt for the 20m³ silo


The Semmering Base Tunnel is a railway tunnel under construction between Gloggnitz and Mürzzuschlag in Austria underneath the Semmering Pass.The existing route is 41 km in length and the Semmering Base Tunnel will be 27.3 km in length. The new route will offer time savings of up to 30 minutes, partly on account of the shorter route and partly on account of the higher speed limit (maximum 250 km/h).

Structure of the Project

The material from the TBM’s must be interim stored in a 8x125m³. On the top of the Bunker, there are many independently working conveyer belts to fill all the boxes. Mühlhäuser delivered a custom belt conveyor soulution to complete this job.